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The all-new 25,000 square feet of museum exhibit space at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum is now open. The most recent innovations in technological components and interactives are guaranteed to engage audiences of all ages and learning styles.

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Cold War: Soviets, Spies, and Secrets

Museum Special Gallery

The Cold War dominated every facet of postwar 20th century Western life. Bomb shelters, air raid drills, and draft cards were as American as apple pie. Spies infiltrated the highest levels of government on both sides, while the superpowers stockpiled nuclear weapons. Would the United States and the Soviet Union be able to keep the cold war from getting hot? This exhibit originally curated by the Nixon Presidential Foundation will remain open through March 2025.



D-Day Remembered
Photographs by Fabrice Bourge

Museum Special Gallery
June 2024

French photographer Fabrice Bourge, a native of Normandy, has witnessed over 25 years of D-Day commemorations beginning with the 50th anniversary in 1994. While the events have grown larger, yet fewer and fewer veterans who landed that fateful day attend, Bourge has concentrated his eye and his lens on the fringes of these events. Captured on black and white film, and individually printed on silver gelatin paper, more than 40 photographs comprise this exhibit. His carefully and reverently selected photographs share the stories of the grateful compassion that contemporary Normans continue to feel for the allied veterans who began the liberation of Europe on these beaches 80 years ago. 


Where are the Books?

Library Lobby

This small, interactive exhibit helps to address one of our more commonly asked questions -- where are the books? A presidential library is not like your typical public lending library. We house the documents related to Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Eisenhower Administration. Researchers from around the globe visit us each year to work on a variety of projects ranging from school project to published works. The exhibit includes a mock research table with scanned documents to get a hint of our research process. It may just inspire you to do research a project of your own!


19 & '52: Women Unite for Ike

Library building
2nd floor gallery

through May 31, 2024

The 19 & '52: Women Unite for Ike exhibit connects President Eisenhower to the 19th Amendment. Women secured the right to vote throughout the United States in 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified. This exhibit explores the connection between the woman suffrage movement and women’s contribution to the 1952 Presidential campaign. Learn about the instrumental women who influenced Dwight Eisenhower. Discover how women’s roles expanded during his Presidency. Find your piece of the puzzle that is American democracy.

Last Revised Date
May 21, 2024