The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Appointment Books Series consists of nearly 23,000 pages which cover the period January 1953 to January 1961.

The first section is made of loose leaf binders (carbon copies) of "The President's Appointments" covering the period from 1953 through 1961 in chronological order. It gives the date, time, place and names of individuals and/or organizations who saw the President on a particular date. There are a few brief descriptions given of some of the meetings. It includes information on trips made, names of those with whom Eisenhower traveled, those whom he saw, and those with whom he was photographed. There are some meetings which are listed as "Off the Record."

The second section is a card index to those filing manuals and is filed alphabetically by name of individual, organization, place, or sometimes by topic and gives dates and times when the meeting with the President occurred. Some are also cross referenced or give short explanations as to the purpose of the meeting. "Off the Record" meetings are marked as such. The index does not cover routine appointments of the White House Staff who consulted the President on various matters, nor does it include all the names of people in large delegations who visited the President.

The files below are from the first section and are by month. Please be patient as these large files take time to load.

Presidential Daily Diaries

The present-day Presidential Daily Diary is the official record of the presidents’ travel, meetings, and telephone calls. The Presidential Daily Diaries include daily appointments calendars, lists of attendees at official functions, and passenger manifests for presidential transport.

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