Welcome to Club Eisenhower, the official podcast of the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. You may be wondering why we chose Club Eisenhower as the name of our podcast. Here’s why…

During Ike’s early military career, officers were expected to host social events for others, including their superior officers. With Mamie’s finishing school background and vivacious personality, she excelled in this and their quarters became known as “Club Eisenhower.” The guest list may vary with every new duty station, but Club Eisenhower remained a constant. And the Eisenhowers entertained frequently, with Mamie graciously welcoming visiting dignitaries and military officials. Like Ike and Mamie, we graciously welcome you to Club Eisenhower. You provide your own refreshments – and we will provide the entertainment.


Episode participants:

  • Joy Murphy, Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Dr. Jim Ginther, Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Sarah Gard, Dole Institute
  • Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University

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    Last Revised Date
    January 16, 2024