These topical subject guides are intended to facilitate research in the Eisenhower Presidential Library’s holdings. The guides are intended to supplement but not replace the finding aids currently available for the Library's collections. Because of the widely scattered nature of documentation these guides should not be considered definitive. Also, pertinent materials may be found in locations not listed. Collections listed herein are fully processed and available for research unless indicated otherwise.

Also see Foreign Language Guides.


Advertising Council
African Americans in WWII
Agricultural Surplus Disposal
Alaska Statehood
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
Arctic Wildlife Range
Ardennes, Battle of the Bulge
Atoms for Peace

Baghdad Pact
Berlin 1945-1962
Berlin and the Cold War
Birth Control and Overpopulation
Bohemian Club
Bradley, General Omar

Campaign, 1952 Presidential
Campaign, 1956 Presidential
Cancer Research
Carl Norgren
China, U.S. Policy Relating to Nationalist
Churchill, Winston
Citizens for Eisenhower
Civil Aeronautics Board and Oswald Ryan
Civil Defense
Civil Rights, Act of 1957
Civil Rights, Guide to Studies of
Civil Rights, School Integration
Clemency and Presidential Pardons
Cold War, Open Skies, 1955 Geneva Convention
Commercial Fishing (U.S. Fisheries Policy)
CORONA, Project
Cranberry Scare of 1959

D-Day, Audiovisual Collection
D-Day, The Invasion
D-Day, The Planning of Overlord
de Gaulle, Charles
Department of Defense Reorganization
Desegregation of the U.S. Armed Forces

Economy: The 1954 and 1957-1958 Recessions
Eisenhower: Material at the Johnson Presidential Library
Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy
Eisenhower and Religion
Eisenhower at Fort Lewis
Eisenhower in the Philippines
Eisenhower's Decision to Enter Politics
Eisenhower's Early Years in Abilene
Eisenhower's Heart Attack & Presidential Disability
Eisenhower's Hobbies
Eisenhower's World War II Train
Environment and Natural Resources
Equal Rights Amendment
European Defense Community

Farewell Address of January 17, 1961
Foreign Language Guides (French, German, Spanish)
Flag: Design of the 49- and 50-Star Flags

German Jewry in the U.S.
Germany, Occupation by the U.S. Army
Girard Case (William S. Girard Incident)

Hawaii Statehood
Hitler Youth, Volkstrum
Homosexuals in the Federal Government and Personnel Security
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Hungarian and Polish Uprisings

Inauguration, 1953
Inauguration, 1957
Indian Policy, Federal
Intelligence Topic and Milestones
Internal Security
International Geophysical Year
Interstate Highway System
Islamic Center in Washington, DC
Italian Front in WWII
Italy, Monte Cassino

Jackson, C.D.
Japan, WWII Against
Japanese Americans (Nisei) During WWII
Jewish History
John Birch Society and Robert Welch

Katyn Forest Massacre
Kennedy, John F. and Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Khrushchev, Nikita; 1959 U.S. Visit
King, Martin Luther Jr.
Korean Armistice
Korean War / U.S.- Korean Relations

Limited War
Louisiana Maneuvers
Luce, Henry

MacArthur, General Douglas
MacMillan, Harold
McCarthy, Senator Joseph/McCarthyism
Middle East
Middle East Oil
Migratory Labor
Mulberry, The Artificial Harbor

NASA - National Aerospace and Space Administration
National Defense Education Act
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Natural Disasters
Natural Resources and Environment
Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Nielsen, Aksel
Nixon, Richard M.
Norgren, Carl
North African Campaign of World War II
North African Relations with de Gaulle and Vichy
Nuclear Navy
Nuclear Testing

Operation Husky
Operation Market Garden
Operation Market Garden Reports
Operation Overlord
Operation Pastorus
Operation Shingle, Anzio
Organization of American States

Pearl Harbor Attack
Polio Vaccine and Dr. Jonas Salk
POWs and MIAs
Presidential Pardons and Clemency
Presidential Vetoes - Eisenhower Administration
Project Solarium
Propaganda & Psychological Warfare

RB-47 Shootdown
Reagan, Ronald
Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel
Ryan, Oswald and the Civil Aeronautics Board

Salk, Dr. Jonas and the Polio Vaccine
Saudi Arabia
Science and Technology
Smokey the Bear
Southeast Asia
Sports and Recreation
St. Lawrence Seaway
Stalin, Death of
Steel Strike of 1959
Suez Crisis
Supreme Court

Tanganyika and Zanzibar
Tibet and the Dalai Lama
Transportation During the Eisenhower Era

U-2, U-2 Incident, and 1960 Paris Summit
United Arab Emirates
United Fruit Company
Urban Warfare Resources
U.S. Fisheries Policy (Commercial Fishing)
U.S. Military Bases Overseas

UFOs and Flying Saucers

Vietnam, Indochina and Southeast Asia

Welch, Robert and the John Birch Society
White House Conference on Aging
White House Staff
White House Staff, Duties and Organization
Women: 1950s Politics
Women's Studies
World War I
World War II Subject Guides: