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EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D.: PAPERS AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, 1953-61 (Ann Whitman File). 122 feet. (partly on microfilm) [For further information about this collection, please see Appendix A]

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1961 Principal File
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1964 Signature File
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(Correspondence and Greeting Files) 643 feet
Description Identifier: 7408500

Anniversary Cards, 1962
Unused DDE/MDE 50th anniversary acknowledgement cards
Unused greeting cards, Hallmark
Pre-Acc.: 1961 Birthday Cards and Letters
Pre-Acc.: 1961 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards
Pre-Acc.: 1961 Secondary Files (.4 cu. ft.)
Pre-Acc.: 1961 Secondary Files (46.1 cu. ft.)
Pre-Acc.: 1962 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards
Pre-Acc.: Oversized material, 1962-63
Pre-Acc.: 1962-1963 Secondary Files
Pre-Acc.: Correspondence answered by card, 1/61 (NARS)
Pre-Acc.: Oversize material, 1961
Pre-Acc.: Scrapbooks from Mary Ann Tiedje, 1962
A64-26: 1962 Birthday cards and letters
A65-09: Get Well Cards (10/64)
A65-10: 1964 Birthday cards and letters
A65-11: 1964 Secondary Files
A66-02: 1965 Birthday cards and letters
A66-03: 1964 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards
A66-04; A66-04/1; A66-04/2: Get Well Cards (11/65)
A66-10: 1965 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards
A66-15: 1965 Secondary Files
A66-18: Drafts and other material re: The White House Years, 1961-1965
A67-23; A67-23/1; A67-24; A67-24/1: 50TH Anniversary Cards, 1966
A67-31: 1966 Birthday cards and letters, general pubic
A67-32: 1966 mutual birthday cards
A67-33: 1966 Birthday cards and letters, heads of state and friends
A67-39: 1966 Secondary Files
A67-41: Get Well Cards 1966
A67-42: 1966 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards, general public
A67-42/1: 1966 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards, personal friends
A68-03: Get Well Cards (5/67)
A68-08: 51st Anniversary Cards, 1967
A68-09: Gettysburg office, staff memos, personal, etc.
A68-17: 1967 Secondary Files
A68-19: 1967 Birthday cards and letters
A68-20: Get Well Cards (8/67)
A68-21: Get Well Cards (10/67)
A68-24: Material re: transfer of files, etc. from White House
A68-32: 1967 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards
A69-04; A69-04/1: Get Well Cards (5/68)
A69-24: 1968 Birthday cards and letters
A69-29: 1968 Signature Files
A69-37: 1968 Secondary Files
A69-40: Designating Eisenhower Center as final resting place of Gen. and Mrs. Eisenhower, 1963
A70-12: 1968 Christmas and Thanksgiving cards, personal friends
A70-13: Get Well Cards (2/23/69)
A70-14: Get Well Cards (after 3/28/69)
A70-15: 1968 Christmas and thanksgiving cards, general public
A70-22: US Secret Service Manual for DDE
A70-39: Administrative Files
A70-40: Material sent upon request by office of General Eisenhower
A70-44: Printed cards used in answering correspondence
A70-45: Stationery, envelopes, greeting, autograph, calling cards, printed invitation forms
A70-64: 1969 Secondary Files
A70-80: Permanent Bulk File
A70-94: Material removed from DDE's office shortly after his death
A70-95: Appointment books, 1961-63
A70-106: 1969 Signature Files
A70-111: Record of autographs given by DDE, 1962-1968
A70-112: Record of gift copies of Mandate for Change and Waging Peace
A70-113: Pattern letters used by Gettysburg office
A71-54: CBS television interview with Walter Cronkite, Oct. 12, 1961
A71-66: Handbook of protective division; Augusta members; Class of 1915, etc.
A72-15: Get Well Cards (2-3/69)
A73-25: Membership cards and other miscellaneous materials