EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D.: RECORDS AS PRESIDENT, WHITE HOUSE CENTRAL FILES, 1953-61. 3,171 feet. (partly on microfilm) [For further information about this collection, please see Appendix B]

Alphabetical File
Bulk Mail File
Confidential File
General File
General Files Cross-Reference Sheets
Large Items from Top of Cabinet Cupboard Rooms 65, 68, 71, 74, 98
Legal Sized Case Files
Official File
Permanent File, Office of Executive Clerk Hopkins
Pre-Inaugural File
President's Personal File
Room 98 File Series
Unofficial Annual Reports

Unreviewed Series / Items for Review upon Demand
16.5 Cubic Feet
Description Identifier 1125

Acknowledgements re DDE's speech to UN
Carbons of telegrams re to Housing & Home Finance Agency
Collection of suggestions to DDE upon expiration of his term in office
Copies of Columbine guest book; Citizens for Eisenhower pledges, 1956
Documents issued by International Monetary Fund
Farewell Address
Geographical card index of gifts to MDE
Inauguration materials for 1957
Index to DDE's Press Conferences and Press Releases
Index to Names, Addresses & other Information on Persons and
Organizations with related records
Organizational card file index
Original Drafts, July 1956-August 1959
White House Mail, Weekly Reports
Papers and memorabilia as President of the U.S.
Pay Cards
Presidential Movement Logs, 1953-1961
Reports filed by Miss Hein, 2/18/60
Reports, Studies re: Congress
Social Security bill 1956
Society of American Military Engineers certificate
Washington Legislative Bulletin