FURNAS, CLIFFORD C.: PAPERS, 1918-69. Chancellor, University of Buffalo, 1954-62; Chairman, Guided Missile Commission, Research and Development Board, 1952-53; Chairman, Department of Defense Advisory Panel on Aeronautics, 1954-57; member, U.S. Army Science Advisory Panel, 1954-69; member, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1955-57; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Development, 1955-57; Chairman, Air Navigation Development Board, 1956-57; member, Defense Science Board, 1957-69; member, Naval Research Advisory Committee, 1958-59; Chairman, Defense Science Board, 1961-65; Vice Chairman, National Research Council, 1968-69. 10 feet. ALSO: [A72-48] 1.6 Cubic ft. Unreviewed Accretion, Review upon Demand