SMITH, WALTER BEDELL: COLLECTION OF WORLD WAR II DOCUMENTS, 1941-45. Chief of Staff, Allied Headquarters, North Africa, 1942-44; Chief of Staff, SHAEF, 1944-45; Chief of Staff, U.S. Forces, European Theater, 1945; U.S. Ambassador to the U.S.S.R., 1946-49; Commanding General, 1st Army, 1949-50; Director, CIA, 1950-53; Under Secretary of State, 1953-54; member, National Security Training Commission, 1955-57; member, National War College Board of Consultants, 1956-59; Consultant, Special Projects Office (Disarmament), Executive Office of the President, 1955-56; member, President's Citizen Advisors on the Mutual Security Program, 1956-57; member, Office of Defense Mobilization Special Stockpile Advisory Committee, 1957-58; Chairman, Advisory Council of President's Committee on Fund Raising, 1958-61; member-at-large, President's Committee on Fund Raising, 1958-61; member, President's Committee on Disarmament, 1958; member, George C. Marshall Foundation Advisory Committee, 1960-61. 20 feet.

Collection of World War II Documents