WASHBURN, ABBOTT: PAPERS, 1938-2003. Executive Vice Chairman, Crusade for Freedom, 1950-52; staff member, Citizens for Eisenhower, 1952; Executive Secretary, President’s Committee on International Information Activities, January-July 1953; Deputy Special Assistant to C.D. Jackson, and Special Assistant to the Director, U.S. Information Agency, July-October 1953; Deputy Director, U.S. Information Agency, November 1953-March 1961; President, People-to-People, Inc., 1964-65; member, U.S. Delegation to Intelsat Conference, 1969-71; Advisor, Office of Telecommunications Policy, 1972-74; Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission, June 1974-October 1982; Consultant to FCC and Chairman, U.S. Delegation to Regional Administrative Radio Conference, October 1982-November 1983. 123 feet.